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Expert Metal Roof Installation & Repair

Have you ever thought about upgrading your roof to something more durable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly? Well, the solution is right in front of you! Metal roofing is quickly becoming the go-to option for homeowners across the country. Tired of the never-ending cycle of shingle replacement? Unlike shingles, metal roofing offers superior resistance against the weather elements, including wind, hail, and sun damage. This means that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your roof will stand strong against Mother Nature for many decades to come. In fact, for many homeowners, a metal roofing system is the last roof they will ever need to install.

People prefer metal roofing for serveral key reasons: its beautiful architectural appeal, over 100 colors and styles, its recyclability, and energy efficiency. But, the main advantage is its longevity. Unlike shingles, which typically have a lifespan of 20 years, metal roofing can last 50+ years. State Farm Insurance statistics have shown that metal roofs typically have a longevity of 40 to 70 years.The difference in longevity is significant, with shingles having one of the shortest lifespan of any roofing product.

Metal Roofing Requires Special Skillsets

Metal roofing requires skillsets that shingle roofers typically don't have. A metal roofing contractor has to draw a detailed material take-off in CAD (computer-aided design). In addition, it takes years of experience to learn how to cut, shape, and install the metal roofing system according to the Metal Construction Assocation (MCA) specifications. To ensure top-notch results, carefully choose a skilled and experienced metal roofing contractor. Look for a metal roofer with a proven track record of success, evidenced by a minimum of five years of installing high quality metal roofs. Trust us, quality metal roofers stand the test of time! GoTech Roofing has earned a reputation as one of the leading metal roofing contractors in the Northern VA and Washington DC area. With over a million square feet installed for hundreds of customers, we are easily one of the most experienced as well.

Most Popular Types Of Residential Metal Roofing

Metal Roof GoTech Roofing
  • 1

    Metal Shingle/Slate

    Invest in timeless beauty with our sleek and sophisticated metal shingles! Impress your neighbors and elevate the look of your home with the smooth, uniform appearance of slate tiles. Not only will you fall in love with their classic charm, but you'll also be thrilled with their outstanding performance and value. Upgrade your home today with our premium metal shingles!

Metal Roof GoTech Roofing
  • 2

    Metal Tile

    Transform your roof into a masterpiece with our innovative metal tiles! Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of standard tile roofs. Our metal tiles offer the elegant curves of classic tiles, combined with the durability and lightness of stone-coated steel. Enjoy a stunning roof that is both practical and beautiful, with the added peace of mind of a strong and low-maintenance solution. Upgrade your home's roof today with our top-of-the-line metal tiles!

Metal Roof GoTech Roofing
  • 3

    Metal Shake

    Make a smart investment with our premium metal shake! Experience the beauty and charm of traditional wooden shake, but with the added benefits of a more durable and long-lasting solution. Say goodbye to the limitations of wooden shake and enjoy the versatility of a wider range of color choices with our metal shake. Make your home stand out with a roof that not only looks stunning but is also built to last. Upgrade to our investment-grade metal shake today!

Metal Roof GoTech Roofing
  • 4

    Standing Seam / Metal Panels

    Transform your roof into a work of art with our sleek and stylish standing seam metal roof panels! Featuring clean lines and a timeless design, a Standing Seam metal roofing system is the most popular choice for new metal roofs. Not only does a Standing Seam Metal Roofs look amazing, it is also practical and economical. With a wide range of color options available and the convenience of pre-painted metal roof panels, you'll find the perfect match for your home. Upgrade your metal roof today with our standing seam metal panels and enjoy a beautiful, practical, and affordable solution!

Metal Roofing Colors

Selecting a color for your home's metal roof can greatly influence its overall appearance. With metal roofing, the possibilities for color selection are virtually endless. You can choose from a vast array of options or collaborate with your installer to create a unique, custom look.

Metal Roofing Coatings

Metal roof coatings offer numerous advantages. Not only do they prevent leaks, they also significantly decrease energy consumption, fend off rust and corrosion, decrease maintenance expenses, and prolong the life of your roof.

However, with so many suitable options available for choosing the ideal metal roof coating for your structure, making a decision can be challenging. It's beneficial to comprehend the frequent issues that typically arise on metal roofs to aid in making the best choice.

You will want to choose the right metal roof coating to minimize color fading. The fading of painted metal roofing happens due to the reaction between the paint's pigment and substances such as water, pollution, and chemicals found in the atmosphere and in specific environments. This leads to the pigment breaking down and causing a change in color. With metal roofing, you get what you pay for. Higher end coatings do not fade like cheaper coatings.

Do Metal Roofs Rust? The answer depends on which type of metal and finish coating you choose for your metal roof. Corrosion and rust can occur on metal roofs. While they are two separate things, both corrosion and rust are essentially chemical processes that result in the disintegration of materials. Due to advancements in paint systems, finishes, and other technologies, metal roofs can resist oxidation and rusting throughout much of its lifespan. However, certain factors can impact the roof's rust resistance. For instance, bare steel is prone to rusting, and thus, if the edges of the panels are not cut neatly, there is a possibility for rust.

Most Widely Used Metal Coatings

Metal Roofing Coatings

Silicone-Modified Polyester (SMP)

  • Siliconized polyester is composed of silicone additives in a base resin of polyester. The addition of silicone supplements the paint’s performance by improving gloss retention and weather resistance. Some manufacturers also add ceramic pigments to reduce color fading.
  • Should be applied to metal at 0.2-0.3 mil thick prime coat and 0.7-1.2 mil thick topcoat.
  • SMP is considered a good paint system that offers lasting performance at a more economical price.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

  • PVDF paints use a resin of 70% fluoropolymer/30% Acrylic, and are considered the most durable paint in the industry. The formulation provides the ultimate protection for metal roofs.
  • Should be applied to metal at 0.2-0.3 mil thick prime coat and 0.7-1.2 mil thick topcoat, depending on the paint color.
  • PVDF is considered a higher-end paint system that offers industry-leading performance and a longer-lasting, more durable finish.

Stone Coated / Granular

  • Stone or granular coated panels, which have been formed and shaped to style, are coated with an acrylic polymer adhesive then the granule coating is applied bonding the stone chips to the specially primed steel panel. A clear coat sealer is applied over the top for extra protection during transit and installation.
  • Stone coated steel panels are tested to insure no more than 1% stone loss per ASTM D4977.

Galvalume vs. Galvanized Metal Roofing

Galvalume Steel: Galvalume is a protective coating that is applied over steel to provide resistance to corrosion and rusting. Bethlehem Steel introduced Galvalume coating to the construction industry in the 1970s, and it has since become a staple in the roofing industry. Galvalume roofing combines three of the most essential metals used in roofing today - steel, aluminum, and zinc. The production process begins with a carbon steel base sheet, which is then continuously coated with aluminum and zinc alloys, resulting in a final coating composition of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicone. This unique combination of metals imparts Galvalume with the beneficial characteristics of each, making it one of the most sought-after roofing materials in the market today. In addition to its superior performance, Galvalume also offers a distinct matte appearance.

Galvanized Steel: The use of galvanized metal products dates back to the 17th century, with widespread adoption of the "galvanization" process in the early 19th century. Galvanization involves applying a protective zinc coating to a steel or iron substrate through a hot-dipping process. Before the advent of Galvalume in the late 20th century, galvanized sheet and coil were widely used in the metal roofing industry. However, due to the exceptional durability and corrosion resistance of Galvalume, a significant portion of the metal roofing and wall industry transitioned to using Galvalume substrates in the early 2000s, with over 90% of the market making the switch. Galvanized steel is a carbon steel material that is coated with a protective zinc oxide alloy. The zinc coating provides protection for the panels and enhances their longevity. The final finish of the panels is achieved through the application of a resin coating, which imparts a smooth and shiny appearance, as well as resistance to scuffing and scratching.

Metal Roofing Contractors | Northern Virginia | Washington DC

Founded by Julian Stevens over a decade ago, GoTech Roofing has established itself as the number 1 provider of metal roofing systems in Northern Virginia and Washington DC. We provide metal roof repair and metal roof replacement services with a real focus on customer satisfaction. We are a Virginia and Washington DC Class A Contractor, fully bonded, and fully insured with Workman's Compensation and Liability Insurance. GoTech Roofing provides each and every client with an incomparable metal roofing experience through our outstanding customer service and exceptional quality. We understand that each metal roof is unique and will treat it as such.

Having worked 10 years providing multi-million dollar contracting services for the Federal Government, Julian took a look at the antiquated roofing construction process and knew there was a better way. He built GoTech Roofing utilizing Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software fully integrated with Microsoft Project Professional software to create a Proprietary Customer Service-Oriented Roofing Process that starts with your first communication with us all the way to when we shake hands when the job is done. With our GoTech Proprietary Customer Service-Oriented Roofing Process you can skip the headaches, schedule delays, lack of contractor communication, cost increases, and nonsense – we handle every roofing project detail from start to finish in a written scheduled process you will receive on day one.

At GoTech Roofing, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible metal roofing experience. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing expert metal roof installation, metal roof repair, and metal roof maintenance services. We use only the highest quality metal roof materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure that your metal roof will perform to its fullest potential for years to come.

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