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Emergency Roof Tarp Services
Northern Virgina & Washington DC

The use of emergency roof tarps to cover roof areas that are missing shingles or other roofing materials can be an effective means of securing your home from further water damage during storms and high wind events. Fill out the Emergency Roof Tarp Order Form below to schedule an emergency roof tarp request.

Emergency Roof Tarp Order Form

When a storm, wind, hail, or other emergency leaves your roof leaking to cause water damage, you must act quickly to help prevent further water damage and protect your home’s interior.

A failing storm damaged roof can lead to water leaks, wet insulation, mold, flooding, and costly damage to the interior of your home. If you are experiencing a significant amount of storm rainwater coming into your home through your roof, don’t wait to stop the leaks. It will be much cheaper to get an emergency tarp put on your roof and stop any more water damage to your home. Please fill out the form below and select the size emergency tarp you need and how fast you would like it installed. Almost all insurance companies will reimburse the homeowner for the emergency tarping services.

Please be aware that we will be driving nails into your shingles (or whatever roof material you have) to hold the tarp down from the winds. The shingles that get nailed into will be damaged and have to be replaced. Again, almost all insurance companies will reimburse the homeowner for the replacement shingles or agree to replace the entire roof.

Northern Virginia and Washington DC Roof Replacement Insurance Claims

No one can control Mother Nature. If your roof was recently damaged by high winds, hail, or a falling tree, let GoTech Roofing help with your insurance claims. We work with insurance companies on a daily basis. We can help you navigate and negotiate the best insurance claim settlement to make you whole again. Insurance Adjusters are trained to pay you the least amount possible. Don’t make the mistake of trying to negotiate with them without the advice of a professional roofing contractor that has decades of experience in dealing with insurance adjusters and claims.

The GoTech Roofing Team will provide you with a thorough certified roof inspection and estimate of damage to your roof. Contact us at (703) 417-9200 for more information on the best way to handle your roof insurance claim.

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